Pound Cakes

Pound Cakes are protein packed pancakes prepared with the finest ingredients and cooked in MCT oils. Our pancakes taste so good, you won’t believe they’re healthy!

Served with syrup, the worlds #1 breakfast guilty pleasure just became healthy!

Being in the health industry for over 25 years, owning my own gym, training amateur, collegiate and professional athletes, along with competing on a national level in the NPC Men’s Physique Category, I know what’s out there and I know what works!

For years as a child, we’ve heard our parents say, “Make sure you eat breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day.” For the longest, I never knew why? And honestly I don’t think my mom knew either. Your metabolism is like an engine.

Unless you FUEL it, it’s not going to work. That being said, Pound Cakes is here to supply you the FUEL to start your day off and get that metabolic engine revved up! On top of getting your day started, each one of our pancakes contains 9-12g of protein! This is perfect for athletes young and old, male or female, amateur or professional, that are looking to put on some lean muscle.

We don’t not claim to be something we aren’t. We’re just a company that’s happy to serve you the best, protein packed, glucose free, pancakes you’ve ever had. So let Pound Cakes help you start your day off right! And remember…

“These aren’t yo momma’s pancakes!”

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Plant Protein

Pound Cakes is a premium plant based protein made with premium ingredients with about 5g of protein in each pancake.

The Mix

There are many protein pancake mixes on the market, but Pound Cakes is by far the best tasting. Pound Cakes uses a quality protein source as are all of our ingredients.

Plain Buttermilk

This is our signature buttermilk mix. It’s a healthy, yet yummy way to start your day. Mixed with milk, each pancake has about 5g of quality protein.

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Directions and Suggested Add-Ins

  • 1 serving  (3 pancakes)
  • 14g protein, 3g sugar, 39g carbs
  • 1/2 mix
  • 1/2 water
Mix in a bowl. Test for desired thickness. Heat skillet on a medium flame. Add tablespoon of coconut oil. Scoop 1/3 cup of mix and poor into skillet (Usually can fit 3 scoops into a normal skillet). When Pound Cakes show bubbles throughout, flip and let cook for about 1 min. Take out and place on a plate.

Ceylon Cinnamon can lower blood sugar levels, reduce heart disease risk factors, and gets your metabolism going.


Steal Cut Oats is considered to be a “power food” because they are an excellent source of protein, soluble and insoluble fiber and select vitamins and minerals.


MTC is a type of fatty acid that is derived from coconut oil. It’s a super fuel for your cells, because it boosts fat burning and increases mental clarity. MCT can also help you lose weight because it is quickly burned and metabolized.

Almond Milk is low in calories and doesn’t raise blood sugar. It is dairy free and strengthen your bones. It reduces the risk of heart disease and is high in vitamin D.

Bananas are a excellent source of potassium dietary fiber, vitamin C, potassium and manganese.
Walnuts are a excellent source of omegas and protein.

Eggs are a great way to boost the protein and fluffiness of your pancakes.

What Our Customers are Saying

As a mom that works and works out, Pound Cakes have been a great addition to my routine! I can workout, run home and eat within 3 minutes and get my kids up and ready for school.
Amy Windmeyer

Pharm Rep/Professional Mom, Metairie, La

Being the mother of 2 girls, I deal with very picky people that aren’t too fond of most protein sources. But they both love pancakes! That’s why I’m so glad I found Pound Cakes.
Christi Rice

Working Mom, Metairie, La

For those that know me, I’m always on the go. Before I leave my house, I have my Pound Cakes. It literally keeps me satisfied till lunch!
Marsha Washington

Media Sales/NFL Cheerleader, Covington, La

Having such a demanding schedule, I often skip breakfast for a cup of coffee. Since I started Pound Cakes, I no longer have an excuse not to eat a healthy breakfast!
Robyn Maphet

Senior Producer ABC Studios, New Orleans, La

I am always looking for a source of protein for my daughter that’s a competitive swimmer. Pound Cakes not only provides that for her and they’re delicious!
Lisa Miller

Business Owner, Metairie, La

We hope you like our protein packed pancakes enough to send us your kudos. We would love to hear from you! Please click here to contact us.
Barry Smith

Pound Cakes Founder, Metairie, La


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